Interested in digital? Disappointed by your initial orientation?

Need to specialize to strengthen your profile?

Looking for practical assets to make a difference in the job market?

Digital Business School is a business school that offers courses in Bac +3 and Bac +5 and trains the new business of the digital company. Our innovative pedagogy thought with and for company’s combines know-how, being and opening to the world. With one goal: your employability.


The program provides:

Bachelor’s degree

Bachelors address two types of profiles:


  • Students leaving the Baccalaureate wishing to acquire a strong skill;
  • Students wishing to acquire a business expertise after a first training.


The specializations:


Digital Commerce, Digital Marketing, Digital Communication, Web Design,

Web Development, and Digital Transformation


Master’s degree

The aim of the Masters is to train business executives with all the necessary skills to pursue high-level careers


The specializations:


Digital Commerce, Digital Marketing, Digital Communication, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Digital Business Creation and Digital Transformation.


Career outlook:

These cycles prepare for the digital professions:

  • search marketing consultant;
  • digital planner;
  • mobile marketer;
  • project managers (webmarketing, mobile, web …);
  • webdesigner;
  • web and mobile developers;
  • content manager;
  • Community Manager ;
  • social media manager;
  • traffic manager;
  • data manager;
  • IS consultant;
  • entrepreneur ;
  • responsable for digital communication.



  • Your generation is different: you have to adapt the school to your needs.
  • Today’s pedagogy must focus on the acquisition of concrete skills that promote employability.
  • The 21st century school must be digitized from A to Z with online courses, the massive use of digital tools and teachers who are more mentors than teachers.
  • Trust is everything: the acquisition of knowledge is good. Personal fulfillment and knowing how to be, is just as important.
  • The twenty-first century will be global or will not be: in this world, it will be necessary to master two languages ​​(English and computer language). We will train you there. Since its creation, Digital Business School (DBS) has provided expertise based on the skills of its teachers and the support of several digital partner networks.



Program directly accessible in 1st year level Post-Bac,

Admission in 2nd year post Bac + 1,

Admission in 3rd year post Bac + 2/3

Admission in 4th year post Bac + 3,

Admission in 5th year post Bac +4 / 5.

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