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What is a Digital Marketing Master ?

The Master Digital Marketing is a Bac +5 level training that lasts two years. She teaches the new generation of students marketing techniques related to digital. The global economy and the whole of society are undergoing the digital transformations of the last twenty years. Students learn to master the tools necessary for a perfect digital transition thanks to this training, which remains at the cutting edge of all the functions of digital and communication.

How to integrate this training?

The Digital Marketing Master is intended for students with a degree in marketing or a diploma of equivalent level. Admission to a digital master’s degree is usually subject to the examination of an application file and a motivational interview.

What is the program of a Digital Marketing? The following subjects are covered during this Digital Marketing Master:

  • Introduction to the digital economy
  • Management of entrepreneurial innovation
  • Information system management
  • Risks and digital security
  • Culture of technology
  • Project development
  • Judicial aspects


This training aims to bring knowledge and mastery of the essential techniques to marketing applied to digital. The faculty is often composed of professionals from the digital sector. Students will be able to specialize. Students will be able to test their knowledge with many cases of studies and professional assignments throughout the course. Internet visibility, customer relations and engagement on social networks are the new challenges of today’s marketing.

What are the opportunities after a Digital Marketing Master?

The association of digital marketing has led to the emergence of new businesses throughout the territory. Students have a profile highly sought after by companies in many sectors, they will be able to collaborate within a multidisciplinary team. Employment prospects are numerous in the field of digital marketing:

  1. responsible for the digital strategy
  2. responsible for strategic communication
  3. digital communication manager
  4. director of internet development
  5. digital manager
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