Institute of Administrative and Social Sciences

Institute of Administrative and Social Sciences provides teaching of social sciences related to public administration and other important social problems in Republic of Cameroon, for all study programs and fields of study on bachelor and master level.

In the form of undergraduate studies in the teaching of issues of public administration, the institute primarily aims at clarifying the main stages of development the Republic of Cameroon administration and interdisciplinary character of administrative activities carried out at local and regional level. The attention is mainly focused to the introduction of legal science and an explanation of the general part of administrative law. Part of the teaching includes also an interpretation of key issues of development and current state of European integration. At the same time this institute deals with affects of social issues – including for example environmental, sociological, socio-pathological, psychological and geographical aspects.

Learning developments of students concerning e. g. European systems of public administration, environmental economics and management, a special part of administrative law or European law is further expanding in the master form of study.

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