Mission of the Institute


The Interdisciplinary Institute for Business Technology and African Studies plays the role of a pinnacle centre of education, independent learning and research activities, plays a key role in scientific, cultural, social and economic development of the society by:


  • preserving and expanding attained knowledge, and cultivating scientific, research, development, innovation, artistic and other activities,
  • facilitating, in accordance with democratic principles, access to higher education, facilitating acquisition of appropriate professional qualification and preparation for research or other demanding professional activities,
  • offering further forms of education to acquire, expand and deepen or renew knowledge from various fields of science or culture, and thus being involved in lifelong learning,
  • playing an active role in public discussion about social and ethical issues, in cultivation of cultural diversity and mutual understanding, in building of civic society and preparing young people to live in it,
  • contributing to development on national and regional level and co-operating with public administration, local authorities, businesses and cultural institutions,
  • cultivating international and especially European cooperation as an important aspect of its activities, promoting common projects with institutions abroad, mutual recognition of study results and diplomas, mobility of academic staff and students.
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