The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BA) aims to develop pro-active decision makers, managers and leaders for a variety of careers in business sectors in a global context. The programme focuses on innovation, creativity and leadership, making it a varied and challenging journey towards awareness of one’s own professional skills and abilities.



Among the BA curriculum: a grouping of essential core subjects combined with the study of languages, two integral internship placements, integrative workshops and the choice of four specialisations in management, marketing, finance and media and communications.

A distinctive constellation of interlocking subjects ensures that each student receives the knowledge and the analytical, creative and quantitative expertise needed to be able to manage people, resources and information in a dynamic business environment.


The Master Graduate Degree (MA) is two years in length and is for individuals with an undergraduate degree looking to gain or expand their knowledge of Business or International Relations, thus making themselves more employable in today job market. The professional focus enables students to acquire skills in a special area depending on their chosen career.



The programme focuses on innovation, creativity and leadership, making it a varied and challenging educational journey. Various components such as seminars, group work, study reports, work placement, outside study visits will enable students to acquire skills required to practice economics at a professional level. Exchanges and other kinds of collaboration with foreign universities offer students the chance of becoming familiar with another culture, improving their foreign language skills and experiencing different kinds of teaching methods.



Graduates as a result of thorough theoretical knowledge and knowledge of mandatory practices are prepared to work internationally in corporations and institutions (public and private sectors).

Whether you want to get a top job in banking, consulting or industry, become an entrepreneur, or pursue a career in academia, Interdisciplinary Institute for Business Technology and African Studies career service can help you achieve your goals.



During the six semesters of the Bachelor programme and During the four semesters of the Master  programme  in Business Administration, students will have the opportunity to develop their analytical skills together with their language competences while benefiting from a wide range of field-based and complementary courses. From Mathematics to Law, from Economics to Ethics and Foreign Languages, students will embark on an academic journey having passionate and well-prepared faculties to guide them through all their assignments, their concerns and their aspirations.

Students will benefit from practical trainings in Safety and Hygiene, Information Technology and Library related activities.

An increased immersion into the complexities of the Economic field will take place during the next semesters when subjects such as Descriptive Statistics, Public Finance and Financial Markets, Accounting, Management of European Projects, International Business or Finance and Risk Management will provide the milestones for your future career.



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