Course Registration


Registration is the stage where you make your choice of courses and training activities for the coming session. To register, you must first be admitted to a program of study.

You are newly admitted? You will receive an invitation to register specifying the procedure and the date from which you can proceed with your registration.

         1. Prepare your course

The preparation of your course selection for the upcoming session is done in My Online registration

  • Select the course you want to register among those offered to the target session

  • Check easily as you meet the predetermined conditions for each

  • Visualize your schedule in a calendar and eliminate scheduling conflicts

The preparation of your course selection will guarantee and no reserves instead. You must register during registration period to confirm your place.

          2. Complete your registration

During registration period, confirm your course and proceed with your registration in My Virtual Deanery You can make adjustments, if necessary.

My Online registration

             3. Questions about your course?

For information related to your academic record and your program, contact the staff of the management of studies of your program.

Course Registration

Once admitted to a program, plan your course selection and proceed to registration in My Virtual Deanery.


Office of Student Recruitment.

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