Territorial Engineering


Spatial Planning trains engineers to serve as senior managers in businesses and public administrations in fields such as:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Geomatics
  • Operational Urban Planning

The program also provides theoretical background needed for admission to the Swiss federal Surveyor’s examination.


The MIT aims to train engineers to be able to work as project managers and/or senior executives in private companies or public administrations in the areas of geomatics, civil engineering, the environment, territorial development and land management.

The range of skills required by young engineers should cover the areas of territorial development, village and urban planning, the maintenance of our built and land heritage and the deployment of mobility devices.

Our graduates should be able to design, develop, size, construct and maintain structures which meet the aims and address the planning needs of our urban and rural territories. These are vital matters which also include water management and distribution and soil protection.

The training of territorial engineers aims to meet the needs of the profession by providing a sound technical, cultural, social and legal understanding of the discipline, grounded in professional practice.

The multiple and interdisciplinary challenges that face Territorial Engineers require them to have reliable and lasting knowledge if they are to work to preserve our environment.

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