Vision of the Instutite


As an internationally respected centre of learning, the Institute wishes to contribute continually to the development of scientific knowledge, creative human potential and advanced technologies to improve the quality of life and prosperity of the society.

As the only tertiary education institution of the university type in the Africa, it wants to be a modern public Institute open in sharing and exchanging information and dynamically developing in contact with the surrounding world.

As an internally consolidated and financially healthy institution, united by its internal culture, shared values and traditions, and rich in diversity of studied fields – natural, technical, economical, health and social sciences, humanities and artistic fields – the Interdisciplinary Institute for Business Technology and African Studies intends to continue promoting creative academic environment where scholars will expand the boundaries of human knowledge and pass on their intellectual wealth to the students, train them to become highly qualified professionals ready for successful careers in a wide range of professions within the open competition of the global labour market, and lead them to responsible citizenship, to progressive and productive life in the globalised community.


Shared Values of the Academic Community of the Institute:

  • Respecting academic freedom, democratic and moral principles
  • Respecting the individual, society, environment, material, cultural and ethical values
  • Creative, critical and independent thinking and its free expression
  • Unity in education, science, research, development and innovation
  • Supporting individual faculties, their diversity, and integrity of the whole university
  • Partnership and cooperation indiscriminate of gender, race, culture or creed
  • Quality academic education and support for raising talented students to excellency
  • Integral, highly ethical development and personal growth of individuals
  • Search for innovative and sustainable solutions to both domestic and global challenges
  • Quality, prosperity and social responsibility
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